green tea hong kong

Tea is the most international drink that people drink, if not in all countries of the world, then certainly in the vast majority. Japanese, Russian and even Egyptian will use tea leaves to make this wonderful drink, but their appearance and taste will differ dramatically, all because the way they make tea varies from country to country. Visit this link for chamomile tea hong kong.

The enthusiasm for tea of Japanese people

Matcha (match) – Japanese powdered green tea. This tea is traditionally used in the classical Japanese tea ceremony. Nowadays, matcha is also widely used as a food additive to various Japanese desserts vagasi, ice cream with green tea, as well as soba noodles.

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Indian unique tea with masala

Masala tea (“tea with spices”) is a drink originally from the Indian subcontinent, made by brewing tea with a mixture of Indian spices and herbs.

There is no fixed way to make masala tea, and many families have their own recipes. There are a lot of variations, but the only thing that remains is the presence of four ingredients: tea, sweetener, milk and spices.

green tea hong kong

The tea of United Kingdom

The tradition of afternoon tea in England originated in 1840 and usually occurred between 14:00 and 17:00 hours. Traditionally, loose tea is brewed in a kettle and served with milk and sugar. At present, formal afternoon tea, as a rule, serves as a snack in hotels or tea shops. In everyday life, many Britons use a much simpler snack, consisting of tea (and sometimes cookies), as one of many short breaks for tea during the day.

The amazing Turkish tea

Turkish tea is usually brewed using a special double teapot. Water is brought to a boil in a large bottom kettle. Then part of the boiling water is used for brewing a few tablespoons of chopped tea leaves in the top teapot a little smaller, where a very strong tea leaves are obtained. The remaining water is used to dilute the tea, based on individual preferences: either strong tea or weak. Tea is served in small glass cups with sugar cubes.