Stay at home mothers can find a Variety of work at home opportunities by performing a simple search of the net. The challenge comes in trying to find legitimate jobs, since stay at home mothers are the goal of more work at home scams than any other people. If you are interested in options to earn additional cash, or even to get a full time work at home career, you are better off sticking to tried and true work at home careers, and copyediting is one such chance you may want to consider. A copyeditor reads and tests a writer’s work for spelling, grammar and punctuation errors. Additionally they fact check nonfiction books or articles for accuracy, and assure that the writing style and flow stays consistent throughout the writer’s work.

substantive copy editing

You don’t need a college Level for a copyeditor, even though it never hurts. You need to have a great command of the English language and be adept with grammar and punctuation. There are quite a few books, work at home classes and community college classes, especially directed at the individual wanting to become a copyeditor. These lessons can help you brush up on your grammar and punctuation and teach you all you will need to know about copyediting to get you off to a fantastic start. Copyediting isn’t just limited to books but contains any variety of books such as magazines, articles, nonfiction books, and text books. Additionally, there are a high number of copyediting jobs out there for Internet publications, what is a copy editor, blogs, and other sites. There is also an increasing requirement for SEO copyeditors whose job it is to go the content of their customer’s sites, editing them for the purpose of optimizing keyword density and making them user and search engine friendly.

Finding work can be somewhat Trickier, however nowadays that job is turning into a somewhat easier. There are lots of copies editing websites that have listings for copy editors that may vary from small tasks editing blog entries or articles, to editing whole books. A start copyeditor should start off with little tasks while building a portfolio and standing for themselves, before trying for the higher paying occupations. Many publishing companies, Magazines, and newspapers are now starting to outsource a larger proportion of the copyediting in their attempt to reduce costs in the present economy. This represents another chance for copy editing copyeditors, since a lot of the work was formerly kept in house. copyright my book pays really well, and there is rarely a lack of work for freelancers that have demonstrated abilities. If you like to read, and therefore are a punctuation perfectionist, you might find copy editing copyediting in your home to be the job for you.